Legal English


* The important vocabulary in legal English is highlighted for you in bold. These are individual words that you need to know.

* The important prepositions in legal English are underlined. Prepositions are important. They need to be correct in order for your English language skills to be accurate.


Acquisitions of private companies fall into two main categories. There are Trade Sales and Buy-outs. A trade sale is a sale where the buyer is another business, often in the same area of commercial activity to the target business. Funding in this situation is provided by the buyer, often from bank finance. A buy-out is an acquisition funded by one or several private equity investors. There are different types of buy-out. These are:

* Management Buy-Outs (MBOs)

* Management Buy-Ins (MBIs)

* Secondary Buy-Outs (SBOs)

The parties to an acquisition must make a decision about whether to structure the deal as a share or an asset acquisition.


A share acquisition involves the acquisition of shares in the company from the selling shareholders. The selling shareholders may be individuals, corporations or trustees. This means that all assets and liabilities are acquired along with the shares. However, the legal team can negotiate the removal of certain assets or liabilities prior to the acquisition. This is sometimes called a ‘carve out’. To make such a carve out effective, all excluded assets and liabilities have to be transferred out of the target company before the acquisition. Liabilities that are not transferred out need to be the subject of extremely comprehensive indemnity from the seller. A company will often have assets and liabilities that are unknown. This is why the process of due diligence is absolutely vital.


The major difference between a share acquisition and an asset acquisition is that in an asset acquisition, only identified assets and liabilities which the buyer agrees to purchase are acquired. This means that the buyer can carry out a process of ‘cherry-picking’ – buying only those assets and liabilities which it knows about and is prepared to purchase. These are usually listed in full in schedules to the sale agreement.


If you are considering a career in Law, it is imperative that the English for law courses you choose meet the real needs of lawyers and law students who have to deal with contracts, letters, e-mails, meetings and negotiations in English.

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Legal English Translation Guide

When you’re in need of legal English translation, you can find many services out there. Typically, people need such services regarding commercial contracts or various legal documents. But when a language is translated into English legal jargon – this calls for a great amount of skill.

And face it – when it comes to translation of legal terms, you can’t do without absolute accuracy, as so much depends on every word and phrase in particular.

When you need to get legal terms translated in English, you can’t afford to work with amateurs. In addition, your legal documents are too important to rest in the hands of people with insufficient experience. When you’re paying for the legal translation, you deserve specialised services from seasoned professionals who have been doing it for years.

So, turn to an agency or company that indeed understands the fact that contracts, briefs or prenuptial agreements can mean life or death to your business. In the same way, you should choose a company that has a deep-rooted understanding on summonses or litigation documents. A lot of companies may not have substantial experience in evidentiary tapes – so be sure about these things! Your perfectionist attitude will pay you back in the long run.

Another thing you should look into is the GOODWILL of the company. Any legal English translation service company offering you legal assistance (even when it is about a legal translation service) must have some essential professional attributes. The key attributes your legal translator should have are: confidentiality, accuracy and orientation to details and deadlines.

Actually, you should hire a firm or service who specialises in legal translation or legal interpreting – not just general translation services! Another good parameter to judge a legal English translation service is having a look at the background or track records of their CEO. See if he or she has a specialised blog dedicated to a special niche.

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When Business Means ‘Business English’

Today, there are an increasing number of non-native speakers working in national and international companies in the competitive commercial world of business where English is the main form of communication. And given the current global economic crisis, it is not surprising that competitive companies in a tough economic climate may continue to place high and unrealistic demands and expectations on their staff so as to communicate clearly the message that ‘we are the best’.

As we all know, English is a universal language and is the common language of the business arena, but is it enough just to learn English and to have adequate English pronunciation in order to survive in a marketplace where people looking for a job are more than two a penny?

Learning English today hasn’t been easier with endless training programmes available from Learn English Online to face-to-face Courses in London. But do these learning programmes fully equipthe learner with the hidden skills and competences common to Business English and which are essential to effectively communicate with confidence in the competitive world of commerce?

You may think that there is no or very little difference between the use of general English and Business English. Indeed, you will be forgiven in this misunderstanding. Business English may be regarded as the epitome of English, similar to that of poetry, in the use of its content, theme, tone, language and structure. Further, it demands a greater understanding of not only specialised terminology and jargon according to the commercial sector, but also a thorough understanding of Englishness with its English etiquette, protocol and formality which may not be wholly satisfied by many courses on offer today. Non-verbal communication and cross-cultural communication are significant and influential factors in business negotiation and company presentations, but they may not be generally found within the course description of many learning English or Business English programmes.

The legal sector is a highly profitable industry which demands from its paying clients high levels of fees for the work it provides, but what sets the legal sector apart from all other business sectors is its stalwart commitment to the practice and protocol of traditional English and Englishness. It is a moot point, but can the hierarchy of such English etiquette, custom and communication which has existed within the legal sector since time immemorial really be acquired by today’s learner following a learning English or Business English training programme? Without doubt, a learner nurturing a BBC English or Received Pronunciation accent in an effort to fine-tune his or her English pronunciation may go some way in complying with the archaic demands of the legal profession, but it may not wholly compensate for the intangibleness of the use and understanding of Business English, or should I say legal English, within the legal field.

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Should You Join A Prepaid Legal Plan Service?

A legal plan service or membership program, is a concept that has been around for a number of years. Legal plans became popular in Europe in the 1930′s, and they remain popular and well-known there today. In America, legal plans have also become increasingly popular, as more companies have offered different plans, and individuals and business have seen their value. Legal plans work by providing basic coverage and attorney services for a membership, or a prepaid fee, that is usually paid monthly or yearly. By paying the membership fee, you have access to an attorney and their services, where without the plan you would have to pay, in some cases, a substantial fee. Having a legal plan service can make good sense, but it won’t solve all your legal issues.

Most of these plans focus on preventative legal care, so you can get legal assistance and advice before you start having legal difficulties. They also cover some basic issues that many individuals or businesses need legal assistance with. You will be able to have a free consultation with an attorney at no additional cost, often initially by phone. You can usually call the attorney on as many different legal issues as you want, you will receive a free consultation for each question or issue. This can be a powerful tool, as you can often get many of your legal questions or issues handled this way.

Other services are also included in legal plans. Normally a free will will be included, with yearly updates. Many plans will also write a letter or a make a call on your behalf. This is a valuable service if you are having a dispute, as an awareness of attorney representation can clear up many issues with a 3rd party. In addition, you will also have coverage for contract or document review, where your attorney will review documents, such as agreements or sales contracts, and answer any of your questions. If you need more legal assistance, such as an appearance in court, or extra legal help, you will get a discount on the attorney’s hourly fee.

There are a variety of legal plans available. The most basic plan is the individual or family plan, but many legal service plans also offer business coverage, where they provide basic legal services tailored for a business. There are even more specialized legal plans available, such as one designed just for truck drivers. A great way to join is to see if you workplace offers a plan as an employee benefit package, many do. In many cases, you can join for free or reduced cost.

There are some limitations. Prepaid legal services are not designed to solve preexisting or ongoing legal issues. There focus is on preventative care and access to an attorney for a consultation. If you have a major legal issue, such as a law suit, a divorce, or bankruptcy, a legal plan will be of limited assistance, although you will probably get a discount of the hourly rate you would normally pay an attorney. A legal plan service is a way for middle class Americans to have the access to attorneys that used to be the province of the wealthy. Having a plan is a great way to help keep yourself out of legal trouble with preventative assistance, but it won’t solve all of your legal problems.

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